Widgets will disrupt traditional TV 30 Second Ad Models

Widgets – otherwise known as Internet Applications on digital TVs are going to breath a fresh air of excitement for DTV viewers as well as the industry.

Here is the skinny ….. Widgets are also going to disrupt the current business models and processes – lot more disruptive than the timeshifting brought about by Tivo and Place shifting by SlingBox.

One of the areas where I can see some massive dislocation is in Television ad buys and 30 second commercials. How valuable is the audience eyeballs to the brand advertiser when the viewer is watching their Yahoo! Stock ticker or reading Financial News via their Yahoo! Widget while the 30 second ad is going in the background?


While this means, that the Adv buyer might pay less for the spot; on the other than Networks and Broadcasters can charge more for synchronizing the ad spot with the Widget content. Backend ad serving technologies and processes have to be reinvented or rejigged to make way for Widgets on your big screen TV.

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