How big is your Whuffie? Not what you think …….

whuffie_logo_bigIf you have not read Cory Doctorow’s fascinating book – Magic Kingdom – and/or Tara Hunt’s run away hit book – The Whuffie Factor – you must be thinking of something uncouth when I say “How big is your Whuffie?”

Whuffie is a brand new currency ……..well, you might not be able to buy your next Latte ….at least not right away ….but certainly in a few years ……..

Whuffie ….is your online reputation …..your influence …..your social capital …your clout …and your personal bling bling……

Want to know your Whuffie? Just go to and check it out. just launched few months – is one of the 50 TechCrunch finalists – is a non-profit venture started by – Santiago Siri, Martin Anazco, Martin Mac Donell, Diego Meller, & Emiliano Kargieman.

If you want to know more about Whuffie enthusiasts and its activities via Meetup, please join this brand new group

Already, there are over 5 million people checking their Whuffie and I am currently ranked somewhere in between 2 Million and 3 Million.

May your Whuffie grow by leaps and bounds,

Vamsi Sistla
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