Entrepreneurship operates by same rules as Evolution – Survival of the fittest!

Inspired by Steve Masur’s (@masur) Tweet –
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This is true for individuals as well as companies and businesses. This will be the fact in any environment where there is freedom of thought, democracy and capitalism are recognized and rewarded.

Peaking a bit into our own history,

There were 1000 Printers within 15 years of Gutenberg Printing Press discovery -

According an archived article by New York Times, there were 448 Car Manufacturers in the US and about 40 companies have folded from 1912 through 1916.

Within 2 years of iPhone AppStore, almost a dozen companies have announced their own versions of AppStores from the likes of Qualcomm, Verizon, Intel, Blackberry, and Nokia.

This is very similar to classic idea filtering we all go through as part of ideation. The only difference is, in this case, true¬†entrepreneurship, determination and execution gets tested during the filtering process. No one should get discouraged by their competition or first movers in any space. Had it been the case Facebook wouldn’t have existed in the light of Friendster, Google in the shawdows of Yahoo! and Linux in the trails of Microsoft.

idea funnel

As Geoffrey Moore says in Dealing With Darwin, “Free-market economics operate by the same rules as organic systems in nature”.

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