Top 5 Enhancements to Chatroulette (Chatrt) – to make it mainstream!

If you have not checked out ChatRoulette, check it out …but very cautiously ….. and make sure it is not during business hours over your corporate network. For those of you who want to just read about it, ChatRoulette is a Web Application – that combines the boring chat and Webcam experience with “chance” i.e roulette ….. what’s so great about it? If you throw such an App in the wild with millions of people, what comes out of that is nothing short of the world itself …….for now, its all smut but that’s only the start!

ChatRoulette was created by a Russian teenage over a weekend has become the latest breading ground for people to interact with complete and total strangers …….this is Social Networking 2.0 in my view.

Here is how it works – in its current instantiation – You open in your browser and it will ask your permission to use your Webcam and microphone. As soon as you accept, you “spin” the wheel to see who is out there to chat or interact with you. Once the system finds a partner, you have an option to interact with that person or disconnect and spin again. As Forrest Gump’s mom would say, its a box of chocolates …. you never know what you are going to get ….except that in the case of ChatRt, you most certainly can guess what you might run into!


Some of non scientific analysis by Casey Neistat is shown in the image here.

Agreed that most of what you see in ChatRoulette is smut and desperation …… but that will ultimately be over shadowed by interesting and innovative applications …….either out of ChatRoulette or some copy cat down the line …..

So, with that said, here is my top 5 enhancement list to ChatRoulette concept …..

5. Just the way you have Seeders and Leechers in the world of P2P, identify users based on what they want to do – contribute, just watch, listen, chat, and so forth. This way, user can select the type of their audience.

4. Create lead generation and brand marketing channels – a very powerful application. If I am looking to buy a brand new TV, I want to sign into the Electronics Channel and consume messages about the latest TV and maybe interact with the customer service and brand representatives – a good source of revenue for ChatRoulette.

3. Ability for users to bookmark certain contributors – for an added premium. This gets into another source of revenue for ChatRoulette. Contributors get compensated by their regular audience and ChatRoulette makes a % of that exchange. For such paid audience, the odds of getting the bookmarked contributor will be increased.

2. Currently ChatRt brings the content from its audience to its audience – why not add some automated sources of content – potentially from libraries of interesting video and audio content cataloged over the years? Contributors could plug in their hundreds of hours of content from Youtube and Podcasts and the likes into the mix.

1. Create “specific” channels and let people sign in with proper credentials to contribute to the ecosystem. This way, people with various objectives get to spin the wheel and interact with what they are looking for; in short vertically integrated roulette’s ……for the masses! Auctions (ebay is so 1990s), live shows (Broadway is so 20th century) and so on …..With some “on demand” elements to ChatRt, many industries such as recruiting, dating, shopping, cooking, and entertainment might go through massive disruptions in the near future !

Happy interaction gambling!
Opinions expressed are my own and not of my employer!

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  • Paramendra Bhagat

    Vamsi. I am surprised this is the first blog post of its kind I have come across. Too much I have read about the service is either the wow type or just dismissive. You talk about taking it to the next level. And I believe that is the way to go.