Dissecting Aza Raskin’s (Firefox) Quote – You can never let your data dictate your design!

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Aza Raskin, Creative Lead at Mozilla Firefox – was quoted as saying you can never let your data dictate design. He adds – “If you do, you end up following what people currently do and never innovating”.


Basically, one way of interpreting what Aza saying is “don’t listen to your customers and the data from your customers if you want to innovate”.

This is a profound statement that could raise many eye brows amongst conventional product planners. This goes against the grain of most line manager’s day to day activity of generating reports and keeping the status quo or make modifications to generate more and better data.

Honestly this statement is not aimed at line managers who have obligations towards their core and current customer base. This is aimed at corporateĀ strategiesĀ and new product managers whose primary responsibility is to find out what’s next rather than what’s been.

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