I want “Google Circles Meets Twitter Meets Hootsuite” product – is there one?

We all live different lives in the eyes of the people around us ….putting up different personas and vibes based on the company we keep at any given time. This is not only true in our real world interactions but also in our virtual worlds. For example, we are lot more laid back in our interactions on Facebook versus on Linkedin. We try to keep those personas to their respective companies/groups – to have some kind of semblance to the relationships we keep and maintain. For example my care and affection toward my family is different from friends which is different for colleagues. We verbalize certain emotions and reactions based on the person and group we are interacting with – and this is same regardless of the medium – virtual or real! So, in real world, we are able to do this judo of keeping our relationship based groups superbly (except for George Costanza in Seinfeld – <a href=”http://youtu.be/uPG3YMcSvzo” title=” -World’s Collide ….” target=”_blank”></a>). We are also to expose those relevant personas to the right set of people. We have been doing this for hundreds and thousands of years.

Thanks to hugely popular micro blogging (Twitter and Tumblr to some extent), each of us have voices to share with the world but how can multiple personas survive in such a ecosystem without an ability to limit our messages based on the groups those voices should reach. For example, I blog about technology, innovation but also care about Cricket, rampant Indian Corruption, macroeconomic conditions, Rugby and on and on. Twitter or Tumblr doesn’t give me an option to limit my commentary to the right groups and people.

Here is the challenge – When you say the same thing to all the people, the value of what you say is diluted based on what you say. Not only that, it impacts the perception and ultimately your relationships (professional, personal & casual). 

Google Circles is an amazing way to create the groups based on the personas and your personal criteria for your contacts.
Most of the Social Network Applications such as Hootsuit and the like allow us to “post” to multiple social networks but don’t give you the ability to “limit” your message to certain groups within your social networks.
Most of the specialist social networks such as #Hashable and #StockTwits offer us the ability to “post” just to those communities without posting to Twitter or other networks. This is very good but those comments and conversations are limited in those communities and don’t reach others who are in my network who also care about that space.
I am yet to see a product that marries Google Circles with Microblogging with Hootsuite.

Google Circles + Twitter+ Hootsuite

Is there one out there yet?

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