If Social Media Tools go on a Valentine date …..

If Social Media Platforms went on a Valentine date, what would they say to each other …..

Facebook (imagine Dolly Parton) - Dear Twitter Honey …..could you start DMing instead of letting everyone know about our personal conversations? 

Google+ (imagine Vince Vaughn) – Dear Twitter …sweety … I miss you …. we are so made for each other ….I know I screwed up, could you kindly give me one more chance? ……

Twitter (with Tony Soprano’s accent) – Yo! Foursquare ….this is not some motel to spam us with all your “check in” information. Give me something useful ……

Microsoft (Hugh Hefner ofcourse) – With a cigar in his mouth and cognac in his hand with Hugh Hefner robe – Twitter & Facebook – you guys are hot, but ultimately you have to join Yahoo in my harem. Come on it …..

Pinterest  – Guys, I am not going to be your pimp any more and drive business….. unless I get something back from y’all! 

Zynga  – (monologue ) ..with Facebook across the table…. “I cannot trust my husband Mr. Fb …..and I feel I am in a deadend relationship. I got to get out of here!”

On and on …..


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