Information Consumption: Ecosystem trumps over access & knowledge of source

Majority of the informational content i consume is free today. Not only that I know who is producing that content and where they are producing that content. For example I know the bloggers, beat reporters, entrepreneurs, angels and VCs – who have active blog rolls, rss feeds, etc.

Despite all that ……
90% of the news I care about and interested usually comes from twitter tweets. Comes to me directly or indirectly and content is from the same sources I already know. Instead of me going to each of their blog posts or soliciting them for the latest, I get it through tweets, retweets and responses to their tweets. L

This is the case regardless it’s a good tech article, funding for a startup I am familiar with, news about a friend who sold his company for multi million $, innovation in technology or management or marketing and so forth.

Eschewing the importance of learning about the news before all your friends, for most situations, the convenience of information finding you is a frictional less process thanks to Twitter.

This might be the case with others as well …….

The convenience of knowing the source (in this case the producer of the content) n having the access to get the information from the source is trumped by intermediaries, aggregators and other users – ecosystem.


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