Idea: Attach photos with location.

I take photos when I get inspired by what I see – albeit my inspirations are not esthetic; I get inspired by the message in the image and the context. For some time I have been gathering and collecting photos w messages – and I post them in the stream #MessageDisconnect!

Most of the time I take photos and at a later point I post them to my stream. When I do this, I am not using any particular application like Instagram or Filckr! The problem with this is – the photos I took in the past are NOT attached to an exact location. This is a huge problem for me. I can select a location or type a business name, but it would NOT be 100% accurate. 

I wish there is a photo application out there – that not only allows me to tag a location to the photo, but also allows me to move that photo+location to any application or post it to any stream!

So, the use case is: 

UC-1 – Application allows users to take photos and attach location and personal tag to the metadata.

UC-2 – Application allows users to take photos+metadata out of the application to be post into a stream like upload to a blog post, or tumblr, or even to Instagram. 

Thank you


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