Comparing Kindle Fire, iPhone & iPod – disruptive entries!

That’s right – its not a typo! @business_design @claychristensen @RobertWheeler27 I am not comparing Kindle Fire with iPad. I am comparing Kindle Fire’s entry into tablet market with iPod and iPhone from a disruptive entry standpoint. 

This is motivated by article published by Rob Wheeler- @RobertWheeler27 titled – . 

Very interesting article – especially Rob talks about disruptive innovation – drawing from Clayton Christensen’s (@claychristensen) seminal work in this space. 

Rob is “right on” when he says Kindle Fire’s entry is a low end competitor to compete head on with iPad’s market share in future.  That is very much akin to when Apple introduced first generation iPhone without 3G or camera or any of the then “advanced” features offered by the then smart phones from Nokia and the like. There were umpteen articles and research published knocking first generation iPhone as a “pinch hit” to the then smart phones. It only took less than 5 years for iPhone to completely disrupt the smart phone market place. 

Most disruptions – especially those very well researched and documented by Christensen are low end disruptors which moved the up market and wiped out incumbents. 

BUT …then……. iPod is doozie 

If you look at the two “criteria” for disruptions, I feel iPod doesn’t fit that definition. iPod actually is a high end product that wiped out low end incumbents. People questioned why would anyone need that many gigabytes of storage on your mp3 player and why would anyone spend upwards of $200 for an MP3 player when all other MP3 players were available for sub $100 and in some case much less than $40. 

So, disruptions can also be brought with a high end innovation that will ultimately wipe out the market for low end products? Where will such disruptions fit into “Disruptive Innovation” theory?  

Thoughts? …..


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