Where is research heading?

In general all research is getting crowdsourced, commoditized(cost) and better quality due to follow trends –

1. More people have voice and hence helping in the discourse – twitter facebook n the like

2. In the past researchers were managing for scarcity – only few people had info, those few didn’t have tools to share with the world, n researchers collaborated with those few to bring the research to the masses for a premium. Now those few who know also have tools to let the world know with out waiting for a researcher to publish. Now researchers have to manage for abundance – much better than scarcity.

3. Wisdom of crowd is helping create and gather more data and also higher quality albeit one has to wade through the noise. Wisdom of crowd has a higher odds of success hence quality than the ” few” we talked about.

4. Due to above trends time to gather, distill and deliver has dramatically reduced – for researchers.

Across the board it’s good for everyone!

- Coming from an ex researcher but also one by passion!