Instinct & Instuition is about to be trumped by Wisdom of Crowds?

When I saw @Amazon_Studios ‘s annoucement to start their own studio, I realized that age old tradition of Instinct and Instuition of building Hollywood blockers is getting challenged by Wisdom of crowds.

While I have not done enough analysis on the process or economics of how Amazon Studios works, I think this is a bullhorn sign of disruption in this particular industry.

Just the way Disney, Fox and others banded together to start Hulu – to hedge their bets in the disruption of television business, @Warner is hedging to achieve two objectives – 1. Squash any new entrants to the market and 2. Get a front seat if the disruption is for real in their industry.

In late 1980s Coco-Cola tried to bring Research and Marketing philosophies to reinnovative Hollywood business (with their acquisition of Columbia and hiring bunch of MBAs to run the studio) but miserability failed.

Its yet to be seen what Technology and Product Centric thinking can bring to Hollywood with this latest efforts from Amzn.