Will Knowledge/Information Democratization Impact Business Publishing Space?

You know we hear people talk about how traditional cable/satellite industry is getting disintermediated, more and more over the top TV will impact the business of incumbents, but we never hear such concerns with respect to Book Publishing industry – especially professional and non fiction book market.

I wonder the impact of information democratization via social media on the current and future market potential of professional/business/educational books.

We see more and more authors and people with something insightful to say are sharing their thoughts via blogs, tweets, youtube videos and so forth. 

I guess the impact would be based on % of readers who are smart enough to read and learn from freely available sources on the web and be able to create value from that. 

Also, as we move far away from Industrial age to Information age – a new mindset  – that – we learn more than what a book offers – will ultimately impact this market as well. 

I personally don’t anticipate my kids buying text books by the time they are in college – that is if they really go to college (that’s another blog). 


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