$YHOO #Axis is Dead On Arrival if they …..

don’t address Go to market/distribution and mobile browser use cases!



Typically, companies spend a lot of time on product, features and problems that they are solving for the end user but don’t think through the Go to market and distribution to get their customers/users to the product. This is a problem – whether you are a startup or a dinosaur like Yahoo!
Yahoo! Axis mobile browser is great …..but don’t know if they thought through the aspect of how mobile users get to the browser!

It feels like Yahoo! started working on Axis pre “Mobile App Proliferation on iPhone/Android” age and by the time they release their product, the opportunity already passed? Akin to Motorola Iridium Satellite venture¬†?

While the product seems well though through¬†here are few suggestions as they continue to figure out how to get user to use their product –

  • Smartphone mobile users rarely start with a mobile browser – at least by the 80/20 rule, most of them start with an application. If users are starting with Apps, why not work with App publishers and strike deals to embed your browser in their Apps; This way, your users are exposed to unique features Axis provides and that creates easy discovery and dependency?
  • At least in Android, I think there is a way to set a default mobile browser. Encouraging your users to set Axis browser as default might be one way to get some more traction but no one will make yours a default without compelling reasons!
  • Microsoft Bing Search (http://www.bing.com) started incentivizing its users by giving “credits” that could be used for Game App downloads, Mp3, etc. Incentivizing new users to try out your browser might be another way and encourage them to set your browser as default (for additional incentives).

As I always say, its not just the product that will make your product successful! Nail the go to market strategy before you release your product!


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