What else Twitter could do to become more valuable?

I love Twitter but I always felt it could do better …..lot more useful if it continued to innovate – and here are my thoughts –

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  • Tweet an Email & Email a Tweet: More clearly, I would like to be able to send tweets to an email address and vice versa. Why not? If anything, that seals Twitter’s long term viability. Twitter has built a tremendous platform where its users within the platform are able to communicate one to one, one to many & many to many. Now its time for Twitter to expand their reach into the juggernaut of communication – email!
  • Quite a few Real time communication platforms – PubNub, Pusher and like have emerged and are going to create new business opportunities for Brands and Platforms that want to control and maintain their own real time communication platforms. This, while might not impact Twitter’s primary user base or market, Twitter could make some strategic movies in either integrating with these platforms or encourage these platforms to collaborate – so that users from their branded ecosystems could communicate to and fro with Twitter users.
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    On the entreprise front, Yammer, Chatter and like are making big strides and creating new markets. Twitter should not ignore these networks. Deeply embedding with these platforms is in the best interest of Twitter.

  • Lastly,Twitter is really a real time LinedIn, in my view. When it comes to relationships,I feel Twitter is creating more value than LinkedIn; Its time for Twitter to start thinking beyond being a broadcast/communication platform. Brand pages concept should be expanded for Twitter users to create a details social profiles – potentially opening opportunities within recruiting space as well.

This blog post is motivated by Chris O’Brien’s comment about Twitter not being a Business ……Thank you, Chris.

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