Coders, Developers, Techies vs Coding Languages – Their Mutual Life Cycles!

Forces that dictate the success, failure & survival of a coding language

Every newly invented coding language will have various forces that help, hurt and hinder its growth & survival in the long run. I feel these are some of the forces – am sure there are more forces.

Coding Language/Tech Growth Diamond

This is I call “Language Growth Diamond” – which is driven and dictated by various aspects such as its use cases, target platforms, growth of the market needs, # of new developers entering vs # of current developers abandoning the language for newer/more efficient languages, and so forth.

Coding Language/Tech Growth vs Developer Pool

As a new coding language/tech grows, its pool of developers grow and shrink based on some of the forces discussed above along with individual tech developer objectives, goals and propensity to learn a new language or abandon an existing language.



Coding Language/Tech Phases vs Type of Developers Entering/Abandoning a Language

Coding language growth/maturity some how dictates the type of developers that embrace and ignore the language/tech. Type of developers is based on their level in their career and other factors discussed later in this blog.



Developer Age/Career Level vs Ability/Goals/Life Event Mapping

Developer age, their cognitive ability, they career goals, career aspirations, their life events, and propensity to learn something new dictates the duration of a developer to be an active developer.

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