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Evolution of Knowledge Democratization!

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

For 2000 years the cost of education and knowledge acquisition only goes up and up.


Enter Internet!

Early 2000s:

iTunes U give choices to Ivy leagues to lure more students via few freebee podcasts!

Rules of education are still the same!


Enter collective consumption!

Innovators start to realizes the it’s time we change the rules of the game – instead of managing for scarcity let’s manage for abundance!

KhanAcademy leads the charge!

2012 Current day:

Early adopters follow innovators!
Stanford, MITx, Purdue, Harvard start to make their courses available for free to the masses.

Stanford profs quit their tenure to start Coursera backed by KP in Silicon Valley!


All major Universities will take part in turning knowledge and education into utility!

Universities get restructured to fit this new model – where student gather knowledge for free but come to attend college for aspects that need face to face interaction, lab work, social skills, etc.

Basic knowledge and educational material repositories will be moved under one independent or govnt mandated organization.

A new age of learning begins where your knowledge gathering is not limited to a text book or a professors style.

In the age of abundance, student with Discipline and hard work will win!

Traditional colleges will continue to exist for student who lack discipline, attention and capabilities.